The time I had a horrible dream

Usually I don’t sleep in the afternoon but that particular day because I was feeling tired I slept for almost three hours and had a horrible dream. I saw a huge tornado was destroying everthing and it has vanished the 2 floors down my room and my room had now fallen to ground floor and […]

My last few hours in Amritsar

After travelling from my maternal and paternal grandparents houses I had to go out for some shopping and food . So i went out with with my two sisters had a brother but the shopping actually was not for me actually I wanted to gift my sista something but she didn’t knew because she thought […]


In these all 17 years of my life I have for betrayed alot many times and I have kinda got used to it . But everytime I get cheated the only thing I ask to myself is why ? Why me only ? Why everytime me ? Because the person’s who I trust alot are […]

My journey to Amritsar

Jan 2 2016 here I go my journey starts from kota Jn.  A little excited a little sad. Well first I’ll talk why I am excited or happy or whatever and I am happy because I am going to meet my parents relatives friends and yeah visiting ASR And am also excited because I’ll be […]