Stop Playing With Emotions

yes you heard me right. today I’m gonna talk about the thing which we all have got excellent at doing which is playing with emotions of each other which i don’t think is a good thing to do but yet all of us including me are doing everyday.  we are actually so messed up that […]

The time I had a horrible dream

Usually I don’t sleep in the afternoon but that particular day because I was feeling tired I slept for almost three hours and had a horrible dream. I saw a huge tornado was destroying everthing and it has vanished the 2 floors down my room and my room had now fallen to ground floor and […]

My last few hours in Amritsar

After travelling from my maternal and paternal grandparents houses I had to go out for some shopping and food . So i went out with with my two sisters had a brother but the shopping actually was not for me actually I wanted to gift my sista something but she didn’t knew because she thought […]


In these all 17 years of my life I have for betrayed alot many times and I have kinda got used to it . But everytime I get cheated the only thing I ask to myself is why ? Why me only ? Why everytime me ? Because the person’s who I trust alot are […]

My journey to Amritsar

Jan 2 2016 here I go my journey starts from kota Jn.  A little excited a little sad. Well first I’ll talk why I am excited or happy or whatever and I am happy because I am going to meet my parents relatives friends and yeah visiting ASR And am also excited because I’ll be […]